Bionic-i Lightshield™ Hyperflow™ Sterilization Robot powered by HEPA Flowguard™ technology (Standard Edition, Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit Only)

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The Bionic-i™ Lightshield™ Hyperflow™ Sterilization Robot is a patent-pending, portable, no touch device that uses a combination of ultra-high intensity UVC light, together with HEPA FlowGuard™ air-filtration technology to sanitize surfaces and disinfect airflow 10 times faster and more effectively than standard cleaning methods. 

With support from the Canadian Medical Association and NSERC, Bionic-i was engineered from the ground-up to eliminate indoor viral aerosols in the stringent sterilization standards of operating rooms. This makes it suitable for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in any environment such as businesses, schools, communities. 

Bionic-i is  short for ‘Bio-Electronic Irradiation’; it represents the core feature of the device which creates a LightShield™ comprised of up to twenty-four UVC irradiance tubes, which achieves more than a 10 times higher kill rate compared to pulsed-xenon light and other industry standard UV sanitization devices. 

Other devices such as pulsed xenon light and other UV sanitization devices can be harmful to humans, which restricts its operational time to only a small fraction of the workday. Bionic-i creates a powerful, effective LightShield™ that’s always-on throughout the day, so that viral particles are continually sterilized, allowing you to work safely without interruptions. 

While UVC sterilization is highly potent, Bionic-i is able to drastically accelerate the viral kill time even further thanks to its Hyperflow portable air-filtration system.

The central Hyperflow column draws in stale, contaminated air, and filters it through the HEPA FlowGuard™ air-filtration system: a revolutionary 5-stage sterilization system, which combines: UVC sterilization, HEPA filtration, heat sterilization, shear fragmentation, and sterile laminar flow. 

The HyperFlow™ and HEPA FlowGuard™ filtration system supplements existing room ventilation and more than doubles the rate of air exchange. The higher the rate of air exchanges per hour, the faster a room will be purified of airborne viral particles. 

In combination with the UVC LightShield, the Hyperflow and HEPA FlowGuard™ filtration increases the overall efficacy of airborne sterilization by up to 10 times– eliminating stagnant, contaminated ‘dead spots’ in the room. This drastically improves the disinfection time from 30 minutes to only 3 minutes. 

Our Plug & Play Device is engineered for immediate deployment in any environment. With Bionic-i in your operating room or workplace, you can eliminate the downtime and costly renovations required for HVAC infrastructure upgrades. 

The portable, mobile design allows it to roll anywhere, anytime it’s needed, while the footprint is small enough for multiple devices to be used simultaneously, whether it’s for Ultrafast, High Risk or High Volume needs.


Please note: all orders are taken in chronologic order and the latest expected date of production for all fully pre-paid Founder’s Edition orders is to begin prior to March 31st 2021 (assuming no interruptions in our supply chain). Only Founder's Edition orders can be upgraded to Ultra-fast and AI Autonomous Models as soon as they become available. Standard Edition orders can be upgraded in a chronological order basis after Founder's Edition orders are filled and the balance for the device or upgraded device is completed. This reservation deposit allows you to reserve your position in line and we will notify you when the time comes for delivery to complete payment for the balance. Please note that due to demand, supply chain constraints and limited time commitments during the COVID-19 pandemic, there can be no refunds on Founder’s Edition fully pre-paid orders or Standard Edition reservation deposits.