Create a cleaner, safer environment for hospitals, businesses and schools. Give your children, teachers, and community peace of mind.

Current manual cleaning methods are infrequent and insufficient for creating safe work environments.

Bionic-i Lightshield™ Hyperflow™ Sterilization Robot powered by HEPA Flowguard™ technology

A patent-pending, portable, no touch device that uses a combination of Bionic-i™ (bio-electronic irradiation) UVC light, together with HEPA FlowGuard™ air-filtration technology to sanitize ALL surfaces and disinfect airflow 10 times faster and more effectively than standard cleaning methods. 

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With support from the Canadian Medical Association and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Bionic-i was engineered from the ground-up to eliminate indoor viral aerosols in the stringent sterilization standards of operating rooms. 

This makes it suitable for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in any environment such as businesses, schools, communities.

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10x faster disinfection rate

Unparalleled 5-Stage Air Purification

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Purify & Sterilize Stagnant Contaminated Air in Only 3 Minutes.

Always-ON Work mode, so you can work safely with peace of mind.

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A better alternative to costly, insufficient HVAC upgrades

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