Prevent, monitor and trace the spread of COVID-19 to create a cleaner, safer environment for medical facilities, elite-performers, businesses and schools. Give your loved ones, teachers, and community peace of mind.

In a COVID-endemic future, preventing transmission remains the top priority.

Bionic-i UVC Hyperflow™ Augmented Viral Surveillance Device powered by HEPA FlowGuard™ Technology

A patent-pending, portable, modular device that combines cutting edge UVC Hyperflow™ plus HEPA FlowGuard™ technology together with Environmental PCR testing to provide solutions in 3 key areas: (1) dramatically accelerating ventilation by 10x with a sterilized airflow to stop viral aerosol transmission for a safer work environment, (2) decreasing costs for surveillance testing by at least 20x, and (3) providing integrated digital contact tracing to seamlessly alert individuals at risk for infection. 

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With support from the Canadian Medical Association and  the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Bionic-i was engineered from the ground-up to proactively prevent, monitor and trace the transmission of COVID-19 in any environment: from surgical clinics to elite pro-athlete gyms to corporate offices and schools. All without the need for frequent, painful, nasal swab testing. 

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Powerful Industrial Grade Air-scrubbing Sterilization

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A better alternative to costly, insufficient HVAC upgrades

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Unparalleled Multi-stage Sterilization 500% More Powerful than Comparable Mobile Air Purifiers

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Decrease costs for surveillance testing by at least 20x

Detect not only COVID-19, but All Variants and Other Aerosolized Viruses

Integrated Digital Contact Tracing to Seamlessly Alert individuals at Risk for Infection

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Mobile, Modular & Stackable to Provide Excess Ventilation Exactly Where it’s Needed

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